Welcome to St. Peter's!
We are an intimate, inclusive, and mission-centered church.

Welcome to the parish church for Old Ellicott City. Since 1842, St. Peter's has served as a sanctuary and center of "Anglo-Catholic" spirituality. This means we believe God is always present and at work in our community, whether we are worshiping, serving, working playing....whatever! We are here to bear witness to all that is good and right in Old Ellicott City and work for its flourishing.

Our Mission
Worship, celebration, service

St. Peter’s is an intimate, inclusive, mission-centered church committed to involvement in the life of our neighbors in Old Ellicott City and beyond. We support all persons in their spiritual journey and celebration of life through worship of God in Christ in the rich Anglican tradition.

St. Peter’s is the parish church of Old Ellicott City and has grown into a diverse community seeking Christ through sacramental worship and serving the wider world. Our members represent a broad spectrum of ages, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations and backgrounds who are theologically inquisitive and seek to grow and deepen their faith. Christ has called us into an intimate, inclusive community in service to the world.

Sacramental living

Our worship style is traditional Anglo-Catholic; however, traditional here does not mean “stuffy” or “irrelevant.” Our main Sunday worship (mass) is sung with hymns and chant and regularly includes incense. This service is broadcast live on our YouTube channel. This service is followed by Coffee Hour and Christian Education/Formation.

Educating Our Future
St. Peter's Preschool

Since 1973, St. Peter’s has been the home of St. Peter’s Preschool offering quality Christian preschool education programs for 2, 3 and 4 year olds. Kids are both the future and the present of the church and bring so much joy to our community! We recently just dedicated a nature center for our children in honor of Ms. Mina Uhl, our long-serving volunteer!

A Welcome Video from Our New Rector

Hear from Fr. Derek Miller as he joins in ministry with us.