What to expect when you join us.
We would love to have you visit us!

You can expect to be greeted as a welcome guest when you come to St. Peter’s. The congregation truly believes in seeing Christ in all people and extending hospitality to all who come. We know worship in the Episcopal Church can be a little challenging for those who are new to it so we try to make our worship easy to follow with our bulletin. Don’t worry if it feels a little awkward at first – we’ve all been new to this at some point in our lives!

Where do I park? How do I get in?
Admittedly, St. Peter’s is a little confusing to get around.

When you arrive, come up the drive and bear to the left. The handicap parking is the first small lot on your right and there is a ramp into the church from that lot. The general parking is behind the church and around the right side. 

If you arrive before the worship begins, you can enter from:

  • The back parking lot at the double doors between the preschool and the office wing
  • The handicapped parking is immediately on the right as you come up the driveway. There is a ramp to the worship space.
  • The front parking lot through the corner entrance where the preschool wing and church meet.

If you arrive after the worship begins and you want to enter from the back of the church, enter the double doors from the main parking area and go straight through the hallway, turning left at the stairs and go down to St. Joseph’s Hall. Walk to the rear of St. Joseph’s Hall and up the stairs into the rear of the church.

My kids are kind of wiggly. Will I get a dirty look if they get fussy?
No way! Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me.” God put the wiggle in your kids and it’s ok if they make a little noise.

Children are natural mystics. That’s probably why Jesus told us we had to become like children to enter the Kingdom of God. Because of this, children are welcome and encouraged to be at mass with us because this is how they learn to “do liturgy.”

We do know that parents sometimes need a little break, though. We are working to bring back childcare as we get out of the worst of this pandemic. Starting in March 2022, if your children are 6 and younger, you might want to put them in the Cribbery with our licensed and background checked day-care provider for a little playtime with younger friends during the first part of the service.

Do I need to dress up?
I see some interesting clothing on people near the altar, but what do I wear?

St. Peter’s is a casual atmosphere in spite of our traditional worship style. If you want to dress up, by all means do. If you want to come dressed casually, that’s fine too. After all, Jesus basically wore a toga and sandals, so if he could dress casually so can his friends.

I'm gay/lesbian/queer. I'm trans/nonbinary. Am I really welcome? Is my partner?
Yes. All are welcome. No exceptions. Period.

We are an affirming parish in the Diocese of Maryland and a BelieveOutLoud congregation. As such we affirm God’s belovedness of our LGBTQIA+ family. You are fully welcome here – no exceptions, including receiving the sacrament, serving in all levels of leadership and life of our parish.

Feel free to let us know your pronouns and if we get it wrong, please let us know! We are firmly committed to living into our baptismal vows of “seeking and serving Christ in all persons” and “loving our neighbors as ourselves.” As such we hope you will find a spiritual home here where you can be fully who you are and discover the vocation God has for you.

I’m divorced. Can I receive the Sacraments?
Yes! St. Peter’s welcomes all those who seek a closer relationship with God to receive the sacraments.

We believe people who marry have every intention of being together “until we are parted by death.” But we also know our human frailties and how hard living into vows can be. We know there are many reasons marriages break down and very good reasons they must end in order for healing to occur. Being divorced is no reason for the Church to separate you from the grace received in the Sacraments – in fact, it is a time when you need that grace even more. St. Peter’s welcomes you to receive the Eucharist here. All who are baptized are welcome to the Table, and if you aren't yet baptized, let's talk!

I’m not so sure I believe in God, let alone Jesus. Is that OK?
Absolutely! St. Peter’s welcomes all no matter where you are on your spiritual path.

Come and participate to the extent you feel comfortable. We have a saying in the Episcopal Church: All may, some should, none must. That means all are invited to participate, some really should as the Spirit moves them, but no one must. There’s a relaxed welcome and no pressure here. And if you aren't sure, just ask! We look forward to accompanying you on your spiritual journey, as we believe God is always at work in and around us.